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Microsoft Retail stores are located throughout America, Canada and Puerto Rico offering advice and the latest Microsoft products for you to play with and maybe even take home with you!

Microsoft Retail Store Survey

What was your Microsoft store experience like? Tell Microsoft about your store experience to help them serve you better in future and get a chance to win a Windows Laptop PC. – Win A Windows Laptop PC

For your chance to win a Windows Laptop PC visit and select the Microsoft retail store you wish to give feedback on. Here you will also need to enter the date of visit, age group and enter the characters from the text box to continue. Answer questions such as the customer service you received and the products you were interested in and once finished you will be entered into the sweepstakes to win a new laptop!

About Microsoft Retail Store Survey

Prize: A Windows Laptop PC valued at approx. $1,000


  1. Jake and Shereena helped me 3/20/14. I am so very pleased with their service and caring. The University Village Microsoft store is the best!!!…. it’s because of their staff!!
    Thank you again

  2. Amanda Alvarado at the Westfield Topanga Mall Store was delightful, caring and knowledgeable. Amanda participated in my mobil phone purchase and provided supportive follow-up training. Amanda’s knowledge was supportive and helped to increase the personalization of my Windows Phone experience.

    Many Thanks

  3. Yesterday I spent four hours in the Fashion Valley store getting a problem resolved. The first young man I worked with didn’t seem to know how to resolve the problem, and was a bit short w/me, so I asked for another person. I got Matt R. and I can’t say enough nice things about him. Most importantly, he understands customer service thoroughly. He worked w/me until he had to go to lunch and came back afterwards. With the help of others in the back, we finally got the problem resolved. Microsoft have a super young man working and he deserves to be acknowledged. I hope I get Matt R. again the next time I need assistance.

  4. I was having issues with my Pro-2 and decided to see what the people at the U Village store would have to say. With little troubles, Nickolas not only replaced my unit but also transferred all data, with no fees/problems whatsoever. I know where I will go next time I need help or a new device and tell my friends to as well. Nice friendly place to be too. Thanks everybody.

  5. My husband and I just went to the Bellevue store to upgrade my Surface RT to a Surface 3. We were assisted by Conner. He was fantastic, very knowledgeable and patient. I had over 7,000 photographs he helped me save in the onedrive… Took forever. We are very appreciative of his help and advice. We will definitely return to this store, refer friends and family and look for Conner… Though I must say all of the employees are friendly and more that happy to help out… We have been so impressed!

  6. My wife and I had questions about a stylus for our touch laptops, so we went to the Microsoft Store in Destiny, USA. We were helped by Alex, and he was very helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, and personable. He demonstrated the Jot stylus, and it worked far better than any of the other ones we’ve tried. He also answered our questions about the Microsoft Band, and we’ve decided to purchase. We were then assisted in checking out by Maya, and we both loved her. She was fun and we wished that we had encountered more people in other stores like these two. Alex and Maya are exactly the kind of people that Microsoft should be thrilled to have as the face of their business.

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