Restaurant Survey – Arby’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Arby’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

What makes you keep coming back to eat at Arby’s restaurants? Do you love the market fresh sandwiches, signature roast beef fillings or a quick and easy lunch for the whole family? Give your feedback and you will be rewarded with a free sandwich as a thank you for your time.

Arby’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Arby’s wants to know what you think about their food, service and restaurant and any suggestions for improvement. Arby’s wants to ensure that they continue to provide great service and delicious food that you would recommend to your friends. – Free Arby’s Sandwich

Participate in the survey at and have your receipt ready to fill in the 4-digit code from the top of the docket. Answer questions on the products and service received in the short survey and once completed you will be given a 4-digit code to claim your free sandwich. Remember to write the code down on your receipt to take in to your next visit to Arby’s.

About Arby’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Prize: Free Arby’s Sandwich


  1. Our local Arbys restaurant is an excellent place to eat, and I go there frequently. The food and the service are always first class. Next time I go to Arbys, I want to try the “Hawaiian bread” sandwich. I am sure it will be delicious, because I like Hawaiian bread. Thank you Arbys….

  2. Your market fresh turkey sandwich is better than anything else you offer….I would keep experimenting. The thick bread is delicious. How about a steak and peppercorn, or steak and jalapeno sandwich? with lettuce, tomato, onion…

  3. We don’t go to our local Arbys very often anymore because I don’t care for the curly fries . I like regular fries , preferably crinkel cut .
    Based on the fact that Arbys has discontinued “fries” we limit our visits .
    Offer both , as other places have , and we will return to the at least twice a week visits . Thank you .

  4. Arby’s is one of my favorite places to eat.All the food is great.I love the 2 for 5.00 fish sandwich and I wish they were always on the menu and for that price!! Outstanding!!!!!!

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