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Easy to shop. Easy to save. The Bargain! Shop’s motto is to make it easy for customers to shop and save with products for the home, entertainment and apparel and brands including Fruit-of-the-loom, Wrangler and Kodak. What do you think of the Bargain! Shop? Are you a fan or do you think something could be improved? Here is your chance to let The Bargain! Shop know, you could even win the $1000 grand prize!

Bargain! Shop Listens

The Bargain! Shop values customer opinions and wants to find out what you particularly like or dislike about shopping at the stores. Take the customer experience survey to give your feedback and be rewarded with 10% off your next purchase and a chance at the $1000 prize in the sweepstakes. – Win $1000

For your chance to win the grand prize visit the Bargain! Shop Listens Survey at and enter the 12-digit survey code from your receipt. Once completed you will get the chance to instantly win an iPod or go into the draw to win $1000. As a thank you for taking the time to give feedback you will also receive a voucher to redeem 10% off your next purchase at The Bargain! Shop.

Voucher: 10% Off
Prizes: Apple iPod or $1000 Cash


  1. Judi from the Bargin Shop in Crystal Beach is awesome. She is always friendly, up beat and helpful!!
    Thanks Judi

  2. The staff are friendly and helpful . It is a great place for Christmas shopping for all ages, and when you need something , you can usually find it at the BARGAIN SHOP.

  3. Our little store in Pr. Rupert is the greatest. The staff, Monty, Rhonda, & Chuck , the regulars,
    I’m sure I’ve forgotten one, always have a smile & a greeting for you when you walk in the
    door. They are always helpful, make you feel like a friend. Thanks guys!!

  4. It was really good service! I walked into the store and was happily greeted. When I got to the counter I truly felt my purchase was appreciated. 10 outa 10, would shop again.

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