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Tony Romas are celebrating 40 years this year and want to make sure that customers are still getting the great service and food they were 40 years ago. If you have recently dined at Tony Roma’s and have an invitation to complete the survey then give your feedback and redeem your coupon.

Tony Roma’s Restaurant Survey

Tony Roma’s tasty signature ribs are well known with its customers and Tony Roma’s want to continue to provide excellent food and service. Do you enjoying dining out at Tony Roma’s for the delicious food, friendly staff or do you like the atmosphere? Give your answers in the customer experience survey.

Visit and enter your survey invitation code that appears on your receipt. Answer a few short questions on the restaurant you visited, when you visited and what you thought about your customer experience. As a thank you for participating in the survey you will be rewarded with a discount voucher to use on your next visit to a Tony Roma’s restaurant.

About Tony Roma’s Restaurant Survey

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  1. On Thursday, we visited your Bayside location.
    We went on the last day of your 50% off Ribs, 9/13/12 for lunch.

    We ordered the special: a full rack with fries and cole slaw. We had a glass of water with a wedge of lemon. When I ordered I forgot to mention no bbq on the ribs. I corrected this error but when the ribs were brought, only one order was w/o the sauce.
    I was not clear enough that both were w/o sauce, so in this I take partial blame. The server could have asked for clarification.

    The ribs were very tasty but the whole rack was too much. We took the slab with sauce home in a container. I later rinsed the sauce off.

    We were surprised that no bread and butter came with the meal. We found this to be a negative. We do enjoy bread and butter.

    We were not used to the taste of the slaw but ate it anyway. When we were brought our bill, the server made a comment that we did not appreciate. She did not have to mention that we would have another meal at home. This was unnecessary and uncalled for. If we pay for our meal, we should have the right to do what we want with it and that includes taking what we don’t consume, home.

    The wait time was more than we expected. If we had had some bread and butter, we would not have noticed the delay as much.

    Prior to last Thursday, we had not been to your restaurant in a while.

  2. enjoyed a nice late lunch with my daugther and son-in-law. All entree’s were well received and attractively presented.

    I was happy to use my “groupon” coupon which helped when it was time to pay. Thanks for your welcoming attitude. Barbara

  3. The food and service was superb. Danielle, the waitress was friendly and quick in taking our order and serving us. She is a gift to Tony Roma.

  4. i was at your restaurant in Perth,Australia end may and the food was wonderful.
    When i returned home and since there is one at setia mall about 10 minutes from my house so decided to go and try. And here is my comments.
    I try the potatoes skin cos we ate it in perth and want to know if its the same…….it was a let down cos it was over cook n shrink….and its sprikle with beef instead of ham…[ not everyone take beef … n i am one of them]
    next we order de BBQ chicken … the taste was ok..ok only nothing special…
    the drinks the waiter recommemded was good…
    I really like the potatoe skins n pork ribs at Perth restaurant. I be going to sdyney in august and I planing to go to your restaurant.


  5. Had a fabulous 2 weeks in orlando and dined at
    Tony Romas for that time. The food was excellent
    effecient staff one and all so so courteous to usmaking our vacation so special and so memorable
    Thanks Tony Romas and cant wait to visit again

  6. I had lunch twice last week at your restaurant. As always the food was very good, the service was quick, courteous and very friendly and welcoming. My card club used to meet their regularly to lunch and play cards but we had to stop when we were asked not to bring candy and nuts to snack on. But we still like the ambiance and I take guests there for lunch. We would go oftener if we could bring our own snacks to eat while playing cards.

  7. Had Marialyn and made our first experience Wonderful. Definitely be back and hope to have her or a server as Great as her!

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