Restaurant Survey – Sizzling Pubs Customer Feedback Survey

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What do you like about Sizzling Pubs? The chain of pubs have locations throughout the UK and want to know what they are doing well and what could be done better. Give your feedback and help Sizzling Pubs be the best they can be!

Sizzling Pubs Customer Feedback Survey

Sizzling Pubs provide quality food and drink as well as a friendly family atmosphere and want to find out what their regular customers think about Sizzling pubs and what could be improved. Tell Sizzling Pubs what you thought of the service and food provided on your recent dining experience and you could win some fantastic prizes! – Win a £25 meal voucher and the £1,000 sweepstakes

If you have received an invitation to participate in the Sizzling Pubs Survey then visit the survey website at and enter your 10-digit survey code to begin. Upon completion of the survey you will be entered into the sweepstakes to win a £25 meal voucher, £1,000 or an iPod.

About Sizzling Pubs Customer Feedback Survey

Grand Prize: £1,000
Other Prizes: iPod, £25 meal voucher


  1. went to highfield hotel friday 16,11,12 sent one meal back and left chips. did not enjoy it at all. normally go every friday but will be giving it a miss from now.

  2. When will staff realise that having the music on so loud for their benefit,forces customers out as in the Three Horse Shoes ,Sheldon ,Birmingham .I thought the whole point of keeping a viable inn ,was to keep customers happy,not destroying the atmosphere in a lounge by heavy metal music so loud you can’t have a conversation,thus a lot of paying customers move on to a quieter pub possibly to a Weatherspoons which wisely have no music at all.

  3. We live near to the Crown in Northolt and go there for a meal fairly often. I am sure they know our faces by now. However, my partner and I went there on Saturday night to find most of the tables were reserved. We therefore found a table for two which was pushed up against another table to make it a table for 4. We asked if this could be parted as we wished to order a meal and although this was early at 5:30, we were told that ‘just in case a party of 4 came in, then ‘no’ they would not part the tables’. One other regular customer was appalled as we were offered a seat in the draughty bar area, which we refused. We walked out and went to a rival pub a couple of miles away and were extremely impressed, so I guess you could say you have lost our whole family as your customers as we often come in with relatives too. We would have been out as soon as we had finished our meal anyway as we wanted to get home.

  4. Good Morning! Southdowns Bognor Regis

    After a very long break from visiting your Pub, I decided to give you another try as you have sent me an offer which is below! Sizzling £7 week day deal. I printed off my voucher and came along last night through some horrendous traffic and roadwork’s
    arriving at 4.55pm. Just in time to qualify for your meal deal!
    I had promised myself and family that I would never visit The Southdown’s again after my last unforgettable experience!

    My first impression were the same as last time pulling into a very littered, dirty car park with over grown vegetation, hawthorn etc. There were empty cans and empty Coke bottles sloshing around the car parking spaces…not a very good first impression especially as there were only four cars in the park!

    We came into the bar and was greeted immediately by the Bar person which was a positive! We presented the coupon to the Bar person and said we have only just made it! This was Ok but the Bar person said I do not think we do this offer but said he would honour it
    with some correctiveness of the till reporting codes! We were quite taken back by this as you had written to us with the offer and it was very specific to the Southdown’s! We said nothing!
    We ordered Fish n Chips and the Gammon a Pint of Stella and a J20. Being told that you do not sell Fosters which is my normal pint however this was not an issue…Stella was fine! We were given a number opened a tab and sat down.

    We noticed that people whom were already eating were all in their overcoats and thought this strange! As it was very cold we look around for the fireplace to get a little warm before our meal! This was not in action and we then started to wonder why we had deserted
    our own local in Aldwick, Bognor Regis, who always have a beautiful Log fire always on the go! We kept our overcoats on throughout the meal as it was very cold inside the pub!

    It was not long at all before a waiter person came to our table and placed condiments on the table and said there you go! We thanked him!

    Approximately five minutes later the same person brought our meals and said sorry for the wait. I looked at my meal and quickly noticed how fatty and anaemic my sorry looking Gammon steak looked glancing across at my wife’s fish n chips. I thought I have made the wrong choice here! Nobody came to ask us if all was Ok and satisfactory throughout the meal!

    The Gammon was not cooked! raw inside and extremely fatty! At least 2oz of fat was removed and 1 oz of uncooked meat! I said to my wife that my Gammon is not cooked! She replied that her fish was raw in the middle also as it was cold in the centre and slimy!

    I could see the disappointment on her face as I had persuaded her to come to the pub. I must state that the chips were very hot and fresh but sadly served on cold plates, so we had to leave these also as half way through the meal they became cold!

    Far from your appetizing advert that had persuaded us to get into the car drive 6 miles and visit your pub again! The food seemed microwaved and not griddled with the griddle marks on the gammon as it should have looked like! I look back in hindsight and feel I should have photographed the meal to prove to you how bad this meal was!

    Feast on tasty fish and chips, devour a delicious rump steak or gorge on succulent gammon. We have eight great mains to choose from, including your all-time favourites.

    We also witnessed the standard of dress! No hats were worn from the member of staff serving us. Just jeans and a t shirt! We believe that this person also cooked our meal had bare arms very heavily tattooed which is not an issue but I do believe that kitchen staff should have arms and hair covered and there should be a code of practice dress code when cooking and serving food! This same person was also serving pints and handling money and not once did we witness his hand washing!

    When the waiter person came to get our plates he said was it Ok! I responded and stated that the meals were not cooked and had he used a probe to test the temperature of the centre of the meal? I was met with silence! I said that there was excessive fat on the Gammon and it was very poor quality on top of not being cooked! His response was ‘yes I know they keep sending us poor product’! Not explaining who exactly ‘they’ were! I informed him that the Fish looked nice but it again was not cooked! He said ‘Sorry about that’ can I get you a sweet! We declined this as we were not sure if this was a substitute for very bad service who just him programmed to get us onto the next meal!

    We came for the £7 meal deal and we spent £20. A thoroughly wasted £20

    I do not wish to receive a response to this as I feel that I came to the Pub again after a bad experience previously only to be met with a further decline in the standards of both food, service and disciplines throughout my visit!

    My family and I will never visit this Pub again. The purpose of me taking the time to give you honest feedback from a paying Customer is that you may react positively so other paying Customers do not experience what I experienced last night at 5.00pm on a Wednesday night at your establishment!

    David Cawdron

  5. had a steak there today with my husband at the ship inn paignton ,price was good,service was good and the steak was nice to .friendly staff and the manager was very polite and helpful

  6. the service was very good by the staff sarha and ash at the devonshire arms blackpool, the meals was very very good, could go there every day for a meal

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